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Cheshire County



Free instruction with volunteer tutors for:

  1. HiSET preparation.
  2. Literacy Skills (Reading, Writing & Math).
  3. English Language lessons and Citizenship preparation.
  4. ADP course help
  • Small group differentiated instruction to target what YOU need to learn.
  • Assessment, placement and guidance for YOUR best learning options.
  • Develop a Learning Relationship with help toward achievement of learner goals.
  • HiSET Prep in area towns. 

How to Enroll — After August 1, 2017

  • Contact Jennifer Alexander for a one-on-one, confidential and comfortable interview at (603) 357-9041.           



Volunteer Tutor Opportunities

Interested? Call Adult Learner Services Coordinator Jennifer Alexander at (603)357-9041 for more information.


Volunteer tutors are always needed and appreciated. 

  • Help someone learn to read—or to read better—for pleasure or for work.

  • Help someone prepare to take the HiSET successfully.

  • Help someone learn the English language or prepare for citizenship.

  • Help someone with an Adult High School course so he or she can earn a high school diploma.

  • Also become a volunteer with the Monadnock Volunteer Center/RSVP