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Computer Literacy:  Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive  (THIS CLASS IS FULL)

Hone your skills with Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint via Microsoft Office, and also understand the sharing, editing, and presentation power of Google Drive.  You will also better your ability to do research on the web, set up file structures, use the Snipping Tool, use/eject flash drives, and touch on other such topics that make working on your computer both easier and faster. Limit: 14 

Date:  Mon., Sept. 18 to Nov. 27 (New start date:  Mon., Sept. 25 to Dec. 4)
Time:  6:00-8:30 PM (27.5 hrs.)
Location:  Room 505 at KHS
Instructor:  Robert Stack

Computer Literacy: Microsoft Office and Google Drive   $173.00  

Excel (2013)

Learn the basics of Excel including creating spreadsheets & workbooks, data entry and organization, using formulas and creating charts.  Basic computer knowledge is a must.  Limit:  10

Date:  Tue. & Thur., Oct. 3 to Oct. 26
Time:  6:00-8:00 PM (16 hrs.)
Location:  Room 505 at KHS
Instructor:  James Moulton

Excel (2013)   $123.00  

Google Suite for Beginners

Gain experience using the data processing, documentation and collaborative tools of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Calendar.  Basic computer knowledge is a must. Familiarity with Gmail is helpful.  Limit: 10

Date:  Tue./Thur.,Nov. 2 to Nov. 14                                               
Time:  6:00-8:00 PM (8 hrs.)
Location:  Room 505 at KHS                                                          
Instructor:  James Moulton

Google Suite for Beginners   $89.00