The Alternative Diploma Program offers those 16 years of age and older an opportunity to earn a certified high school diploma through evening courses.  This is a 22-credit diploma, not a GED/HiSET certificate.  Previously earned high school credits, as well as credit for certain other work or life experiences, may be applied toward the diploma.  Interested students under the age of 18 should discuss this option with their guidance counselor as a first step. 

Click here for further information about this option - Pathways to Graduation Under NH Law.

Twenty-two credits are required for completion:

  • 4 English credits,
  • 4 Math/2 Science, or
  • 3 Math/3 Science
  • 1 US History, 
  • 1 Social Studies,
  • .5 Civics,
  • .5 Economics
  • .5 Computer Literacy, and
  • 8.5 Elective credits. 
For further information, call Jan Barry, Director, at (603) 357-0088, Ext. 102, or use e-mail

There may be scholarship assistance available. Click here for scholarship information and application.


  • We will need an official transcript from your last high school sent to us.

  • Upon receipt of your transcript (and your current name, address, and phone number), we will contact you to advise on remaining credits needed and courses you can take.
  • You can register in any of the ways available, including on-line.

  • Alternative Diploma students fee is $140 per class.

If you are enrolling as an in-school youth, taking classes for additional or make-up credit, or if you are enrolling as a "refresher" student, taking classes for review or enrichment though you already have a diploma, then you may register in any of the ways available, including on-line.  


The $215.00 per class fee applies to In-School Youth and Refresher students.

If you are enrolling under the Pathways to Graduation Under NH Law option, contact your guidance counselor at the last school you attended or now attend.


American Culture in the 1960's and 1970's (This class is full)

The purpose of this course is to give students an in-depth understanding of the interconnectivity, interdependence, and influence of events, people, movements, etc., by examining a time of great change. The class will be interdisciplinary, involving history, music, film, literature, Women’s Studies, fashion, and more. (1 English OR 1 Social Studies credit)

Date:  Mon., Sept. 10-Dec.17, plus 1 Wed. 
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 320 at KHS             
Instructor:  Jon Perry

American Culture - ADP   $140.00  

American Culture - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Computer Competencies

Part of being career or college ready today means utilizing technology to research, organize, and evaluate information. In this class you will strengthen and extend your technical skills in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and in the use of Google applications, while completing activities that will help you to be ready. Students must meet competencies to pass the class. (.5 Computer Credit)

Date:  Mon. Sept. 10-Dec.17, plus 1 Wed.   
Time:  6:00-8:300 PM 
Location:  Room 318 at KHS                                     
Instructor:  Estenfania Davilla

NOTE: This class is for Diploma students only, for adults looking for computer classes not related to a diploma please register under our personal enrichment classes. 

Computer Competencies - ADP    $140.00  

Computer Competencies - ISY   $215.00  

Problem Solving: Algebraic & Geometric Applications

Group activities and projects will help you to make connections between algebra and geometry and the real world. We'll review and apply algebraic concepts and use logical reasoning, measurement, and geometric construction (drawing) for our investigations. (1 Math Credit)

Date:  Mon. Sept. 10-Dec.17, plus 1 Wed.   
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 316 at KHS                                     
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Problem Solving Math - ADP   $140.00  

Problem Solving Math - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Geography and History: The Monadnock Region Connection

Explore local history through the lens of geography, with a focus on the agricultural and industrial periods and trends in our own information age. In partnership with Stonewall Farm you'll research the Pemberton and Chase families once farming that land, providing content for Stonewall interpretive signage while honing your own research and writing skills. Some classes will meet at Stonewall Farm and one class at the Historical Society. (1 English OR 1 Social Studies Credit)

Date:  Tue., Sept. 11 - Dec. 18                       
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 320 at KHS                                                          
Instructor:  John Prior

Geography & History - ADP   $140.00  

Geography & History - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

U.S. History (This class is full)

Learn about events and people from the time of Civil War Reconstruction through this 21st century.  We'll use maps, reading exercises, discussion, analysis and historical sources to understand such topics as the progressive movement, immigration, the World Wars, the Great Depression, Civil Rights, the Cold War, Vietnam, and more recent conflicts. (1 U.S. History Credit)

Date:  Tue., Sept. 11- Dec. 18 
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 316 at KHS 
Instructor:  Barbara Kaufmann

U.S. History-ADP   $140.00  

U.S. History - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Modern Short Stories (This class is full)

This course introduces students to the short story in its various forms (written, audio, and video).  It uses the short stories of such contemporary authors as Stephen King as a way to explore the genre. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to read, listen, watch, and even create short stories.  (1 English Credit)

Date:  Wed. Sept. 12-Dec.19, Plus 1 class
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 320 at KHS                   
Instructor:  Jon Perry

Modern Short Stories-ADP   $140.00  

Modern Short Stories - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Food for Thought (This class is full)

All humans must eat to survive. Despite this necessity, many of us have a limited understanding of food sources and the influences of food production methods. This course will explore the importance of soil, plant and animal production, and the tremendous amount of change that has occurred in farming since the 1960’s. One area of focus will be new ways of creating sufficient food, such as aquaponics. Students will have an opportunity to examine and critique the arguments made by experts about food and food production, as well as explore their own ideas and develop their own arguments. We will also make a personal connection with food and farming with hands-on activities at a local farm, in our KHS classroom greenhouse, and through visits to other local food distributors and producers. (1 Science OR 1 English Credit).

Date:  Thur. Sept. 13-Dec.20                  
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 100 at KHS                                     
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Food for Thought - ADP   $140.00  

Food for Thought - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Math Applications in Life Sciences

Explore subject matter in animal biology, ecology, genetics and medical science, along with relevant basic math applications to make discoveries and gain deeper understanding. Skills gained through hands-on, collaborative activities and experiments. (1 Science OR 1 Math Credit)

Date:  Thur., Sept. 20-Dec.20, Plus 2 Wed. 
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:   Room 100 at KHS 
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Math Applications in Life Science -ADP   $140.00  

Math Applications in Life Science - I/S or Refresher   $215.00