The Alternative Diploma Program offers those 16 years of age and older an opportunity to earn a certified high school diploma through evening courses.  This is a 22-credit diploma, not a GED/HiSET certificate.  Previously earned high school credits, as well as credit for certain other work or life experiences, may be applied toward the diploma.  Interested students under the age of 18 should discuss this option with their guidance counselor as a first step. 

Click here for further information about this option - Pathways to Graduation Under NH Law.

Twenty-two credits are required for completion:

  • 4 English credits,
  • 4 Math/2 Science, or
  • 3 Math/3 Science
  • 1 US History, 
  • 1 Social Studies,
  • .5 Civics,
  • .5 Economics
  • .5 Computer Literacy, and
  • 8.5 Elective credits. 
For further information, call Jan Barry, Director, at (603) 357-0088, Ext. 102, or use e-mail

There may be scholarship assistance available. Click here for scholarship information and application.


  • We will need an official transcript from your last high school sent to us.

  • Upon receipt of your transcript (and your current name, address, and phone number), we will contact you to advise on remaining credits needed and courses you can take.
  • You can register in any of the ways available, including on-line.

  • Alternative Diploma students fee is $140 per class.


If you are enrolling as an in-school youth, taking classes for additional or make-up credit, or if you are enrolling as a "refresher" student, taking classes for review or enrichment though you already have a diploma, then you may register in any of the ways available, including on-line.  


The $215.00 per class fee applies to In-School Youth and Refresher students.

If you are enrolling under the Pathways to Graduation Under NH Law option, contact your guidance counselor at the last school you attended or now attend.


Topics in Algebra

This class highlights selected areas of a traditional Algebra I course considered essential:  operations with signed numbers and variables; solving and graphing equations and inequalities; exponents; problem solving.  The class will include hands-on activities using concrete objects to help students develop a better understanding of basic algebraic concepts.  (1 Math Credit)

Date:  Mon., Jan. 22 to May 14
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 503 at KHS             
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Topics in Algebra - ADP   $140.00  

Topics in Algebra - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Civics & Economics Survey

You will learn the principles of Civics and Economics through "living" them.  Class will begin with discussion of relevant concepts, and then those concepts will be applied as you engage in simulations to experience economics and participate in government.  For example, you will learn about the stock market through "buying" and "selling" the stocks in your portfolio.  (.5 Economics & .5 Civics Credit)

Date:  Tue., Jan. 23 to May 15 (plus 1 Wed.)
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:   Room 317 at KHS  
Instructor:   Barbara Kaufmann

Civics & Economics Survey-ADP   $140.00  

Civics & Economics Survey - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

English You Can Use

Humor and the unexpected will make three hours fly by as the class discusses what cars, travel, kids, pets, money, television, sports, and the environment have to do with English.  Expect a new topic each week, some interesting projects and writing assignments, and short reading assignments spiced with movie clips and guest speakers.  Jeremy VanDerKern is an average person who understands that you need English You Can Use: so this course is designed for the average person who already speaks the language but may need some practice and wants the practical!  (1 English Credit)

Date:  Wed., Jan. 24 to May 16
Time:  3:00-6:00 p.m. (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 406 at KHS   
Instructor:  Jeremy VanDerKern

English You Can Use-ADP   $140.00  

English You Can Use - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Modern Short Stories

This course introduces students to the short story in its various forms (written, audio, and video).  It uses the short stories of such contemporary authors as Stephen King as a way to explore the genre. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to read, listen, watch, and even create short stories.  (1 English Credit)

Date:  Thur., Jan. 25 to May 17
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 320 at KHS                   
Instructor:  Jon Perry

Modern Short Stories-ADP   $140.00  

Modern Short Stories - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Individualized Math

This class accommodates the needs of diverse learners through a combination of face-to-face and project-based instruction coupled with customized PLATO (computer-based) instruction.  Basic skills through advanced mathematics available.  Class meets for 30 hours; students are expected to work on-line outside of class to successfully meet individualized objectives. (1 Math Credit)

Date:  Thur., Jan. 25 to May 17
Time:  3:00-5:00 PM (30 hrs.)
Location:   Room 503 at KHS 
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Vocational Math-ADP   $140.00  

Vocational Math - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

Human Biology

Examine each system in the human body, while also learning key vocabulary and some medical terminology associated with each system.  Hands-on activities and projects will keep class fun and engaging.  Class meets a science requirement for diploma completion but is also part of a possible nursing career pathway, developed in collaboration with River Valley Community College and the Red Cross LNA program.  (1 Science Credit)

Thur., Jan. 25 to May 17     
Time:  6:00-9:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 101 at KHS                                     
Instructor:  Laura Ritinski-Mack

Human Biology - ADP   $140.00  

Human Biology - I/S or Refresher   $215.00  

American Culture in the 1960’s and 1970’s

The purpose of this course is to give students an in-depth understanding of the inter-connectivity, interdependence, and influence of events, people, movements, etc., by examining a time of great change.  The class will be interdisciplinary, involving history, music, film, literature, Women’s Studies, fashion, and more.  This course may be taken for either 1 English or 1 Social Studies credit.

Date:  Mon., Jan. 22 to May 14                        
Time:  3:00-6:00 PM (45 hrs.)
Location:  Room 320 at KHS                                     
Instructor:  Jon Perry

American Culture - ADP   $140.00  

American Culture - I/S or Refresher   $215.00