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Machining Apprentice Program

Keene Community Education is pleased to announce our sponsorship of a Machining Apprenticeship Program. 

Our program has been jointly approved by the United States Department of Labor and the New Hampshire Department of Education. 

Community Education is continuing its local participation in the Regional Center of Advanced Manufacturing, also known as RCAM. 

Apprentices completing this two-year program will earn a certificate from the US Department of Labor and documentation through the RCAM system.

Key Points

  • Machining apprenticeship calls for approximately 4,800 on-the-job hours; each apprentice must demonstrate competency in a variety of skills; On the Job Learning Schedule for skills list
  • Machining apprentices take "related instruction" classes over the course of 1.5 years, totaling 300 hours.
  • Apprentices may begin related instruction through Community Education without yet having secured a position with an area company as a machining apprentice.  However, it is strongly recommended that students find such a position as soon as possible. 

This is a student responsibility;

Apprentices are paid during the course of the two years.


The related instruction is $975.00 for the full year, inclusive of all textbooks. 

Students who are employed as machining apprentices should check with their organizations regarding company policies for tuition payment/reimbursement.


Applications and calendar will be available in July. 


Contact Jan Barry, Director, at or (603) 357-0088 ext. 102

Click on the links below for an application or more information.


Standards of Apprentices    

Apprentice Agreement

Employer Acceptance Agreement

Machining Curriculum